Emergency and Trauma Services

Highland Hospital’s Emergency Medical Service provide some of the world’s most advanced and skilled care for conditions ranging sprains to heart attacks to car accidents and beyond.

In a county of 1.5 million people, the Emergency Department serves about 90,000 patients a year, while the Trauma team handles some 2,400 trauma events.

All Emergency patients, pediatric through geriatric, are assessed and triaged by a registered nurse and treated by a multidisciplinary team of specially trained personnel. Trauma patient are evaluated, resuscitated, and receive definitive care from an outstanding team of surgeons, emergency physicians, nurses, and other personnel.

Emergency and Trauma care services and features include:

  • STEMI Cardiac Care Designation – state of the art care for patients suffering heart attacks
  • Stabilization of life-threatening conditions
  • Life-saving procedures
  • Immediate treatment of medical and surgical emergencies
  • Emergency treatment for minor injury or illness
  • Emergency care for minor or major trauma victims
  • 50 beds with designated spaces for critical care, observation, orthopedic, and sub-acute care
  • Trauma resuscitation bays with Traumex overhead X-Ray
  • CT scanner dedicated to trauma and emergency patients for rapid response
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Room
  • Isolation rooms, including one waiting/exam room
  • Pediatric room plus play area
  • Three OB/Gyn rooms
  • Sexual assault treatment center


The Emergency Medicine faculty consists of fourteen full-time physicians and several part-time attendings, all residency trained and board certified in Emergency Medicine. There are also two ultrasound fellows. Together, they provide about 50 hours of continuous staff attending coverage in the Emergency Department (ED) every day.